3B Scientific® MICROanatomy™ Liver

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3B Scientific® MICROanatomy™ Liver
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This two-part MICROanatomy Liver model shows a highly magnified, diagrammatic view of a section of the liver.

  • Three-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Model Displays a Magnified, Diagrammatic View of Part of the Liver
  • Includes 3B Smart Anatomy
The MICROanatomy Liver illustrates the structure of the functional and structural components of the liver in two different enlargements. The left part of the model shows a section of the liver that comprises several liver lobules.

The right part of the model is a highly magnified view of the sectioned liver lobule on the left. The left part and right part of the MICROanatomy Liver are magnified 60 times and 200 times respectively.

Accessories information: For information about 3B Smart Anatomy, please see the document attached on this page.