Heart And Breath Sounds Simulator

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Heart And Breath Sounds Simulator
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This hand-held device simulates both heart and breath sounds and allows the determination of these by plugging in one of seven different menus, each containing 16 different sounds.

  • Multiple Cartridges Make It Easy to Change Sounds
  • All Students Hear the Same Sounds for Ease of Identification
  • Flexible and Adaptable Training
The Heart and Breath Sounds Simulator unit includes two external sounders with which students can auscultate the sounds with a stethoscope. Linking additional stethoscope sounders, up to 15 students can auscultate at the same time. A loud speaker can also be connected.

Additionally, the unit has a volume control and two LEDs that illuminate during systole (heart menu) and expiration (breath menu). Virtually maintenance-free, the unit is powered by a 9V battery.