Laerdal® Nursing Kelly Manikin

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Laerdal® Nursing Kelly Manikin
Models Human Biology Models
Simpad Capable

  • Perform basic patient care and exam
  • Use with or without simpad
  • Can be used as male or female with interchangeable genetalia
The Nursing Kelly manikin was especially designed for patient care training scenarios and includes a large range of clinical diagnoses. This full body adult male manikin is excellently suited to train beginner hospital healthcare professionals. Features Head with anatomical features, trachea and esophagus together with simulated lungs and stomach allow many procedures, including OG tube, tracheal care and suctioning. Using a standard stethoscope, students can auscultate normal and abnormal cardiac, lung and intestinal sounds (SimPad required). Realistic palpation and auscultation using a blood pressure arm controlled by the instructor. Adjustable systolic and diastolic pressure, auscultatory gap and volume (SimPad required). Dosed administration of medications via intramuscular injections at the deltoid, gluteal, and lateral thigh muscles. Realistic male and female urinary catheterization. Enema procedures can be performed with fluid return. Includes: adult male full body manikin, hospital gown, lubricant, assembly tools and instruction manual.

Ordering information: Does not include a SimPad Unit.