Simulaids® Trauma Moulage Kit

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470119-794EA 1920.2 CAD
Simulaids® Trauma Moulage Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology Learning Activities
Bring A Sense Of Reality To Emergency Training

  • Use with manikins, or volunteers
  • Can be incorporated into rescue or forensics scenarios
The kit contains a great variety of bleeding and non-bleeding wounds. A perfect kit to be added to a manikin, or use on volunteers acting as victims.

Bleeding wounds (complete with reservoir bags with pump assembly): 1 sucking wound of chest; 1 laceration of the forearm; 1 broken clavicle with seat belt contusion; 1 projectile entry and exit of arm; 1 impalement of lower leg; 1 crushed foot; 1 jaw wound (manikin use only); 1 laceration of the forehead (manikin use only); 1 compound fracture of humerus; 1 compound fracture of femur; 1 compound fracture of tibia; 1 abdominal wound with protruding intestines; and 1 pkg. blood powder for 4.5 liter simulated blood.

Non-bleeding wounds: 2nd and 3rd degree burn of the chest; 2nd and 3rd degree burn of the back; 2nd and 3rd degree burn of the hand; 2nd and 3rd degree burn of the forearm; 1 burn of face (manikin use only).