Gaumard® Patient Care Manikin With Ostomy

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Gaumard® Patient Care Manikin With Ostomy
Models Human Biology Models
For Basic, Or Advanced Patient Care

  • Provides additional patient care practice with ostomy care
  • Can be used as male or female
  • Can be used with gaumard accessory arms
Full-size adult manikin with movable joints as well as soft fingers and toes for training of important basic nursing skills such as: Removable upper and lower dentures for oral hygiene, Realistic eyes in eye sockets for ophthalmic exercises, Ear canal or otic drops and irrigation, Intramuscular injection site in right and left upper arm, Enema administration capability, Sculpted stomas of a transverse colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stoma, New modular tricuspid valve permits male or female catheterization with soft silicone catheters.

Accessory arms allow for the addition of injection and blood pressure practice.