Gaumard® Pediatric Nursing Care Mannequin

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Gaumard® Pediatric Nursing Care Mannequin
Models Human Biology Models
High Quality Pediatric Care Simulator

  • Soft, lifelike face skin
  • Self-molded hair
  • Eyes open and close in realistic eye sockets for ophthalmic procedures
This manikin simulates a five-year old child with rotatable arms and legs (jointed elbows and knees) and articulating head.

It allows training of basic and advanced pediatric patient care procedures such as:
Bathing and bandaging
Ophthalmic exercises
Oral and dental hygiene (articulating jaw with teeth and tongue)
Tube feeding and gastric suction
I.M. injection (upper thigh and deltoid)
Tracheotomy care
Male and female catheterization
Enema administration
Supplied with T-Shirt, shorts, neck brace and carrying bag.