ELGA PURELAB® Water System Technical Service and Support

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ELGA PURELAB® Water System Technical Service and Support
Lab water systems are critical to your operations. In order to maintain uptime and reliability, ELGA provides flexible service and support geared toward your needs. When purchasing a water purification system from ELGA, you benefit from a comprehensive range of services.

  • Service and support packages
  • Installation
  • Extended warranty
  • Extended warranty plus
ELGA-trained service technicians will apply their expertise to the installation, validation, maintenance, and operator training, so you and your staff can operate your ELGA water purification system with confidence.

Installation: ELGA-trained technician to perform a site inspection, install, start up, and provide a staff training on the proper operation and maintenance of the ELGA system.

Extended Warranty: Additional one or two years on top of the original warranty, covering parts and labor for any manufacturer issues that may occur during this time.

Extended Warranty Plus: Includes extended warranty terms for one additional year on top of the original warranty plus annual preventative maintenance for the first two years.

Ordering information: For Western Canada only. Scheduling of service will occur upon a mutually agreed date once ordered. Consumables and Validation documentation not included. Additional travel charges may be incurred if not within 75 miles of a service center. Pre-Installation utility requirements must be met prior to scheduling installation. For additional information, please contact your Avantor representative.