Ergopedia Waves and Sound

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Ergopedia Waves and Sound
A combination of hands-on experiments and exceptional interactive technology is included in this comprehensive waves and sound learning module. Extra-large "snaky" and "slinky" wave demonstration springs are durable plated steel. The unique resonance lever allows students to create both mass-on-a-spring and pendulum resonances. The included interactive software features a musical keyboard, a four-voice synthesizer, a Doppler effect simulator, interactive equations, and the extraordinary LabVIEW Physics of Sound application. The Physics of Sound application uses the computer's internal microphone to provide real-time wave-form, spectrum, and spectrogram displays for sounds 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Pre-prepped lesson plans, easy-to-use components, well-illustrated powerpoint slides, and ready-to-use activity sheets make this program both easy to teach and academically rich.

Lessons include frequency and period, oscillators, resonance, waves, wave interactions, interference, resonance and standing waves, sound waves, the speed of sound and the Doppler effect, the frequency spectrum, interference and beats, resonance and sound and musical sound.

Interactive simulations include stopwatch and timer, oscillating spring, wave interactions, physics of sound, standing waves on a vibrating string, electronic keyboard, sound waves and the keyboard, the Doppler effect, multi-frequency sound, interactive equations, frequency and period, speed, wavelength, frequency, virtual instrument and the physics of sound.

The Waves and Sound kit contains extra-long "slinky" spring 6 x 3," 3m "snaky" wave spring, resonance tube, 256 Hz aluminum tuning fork, 320 Hz aluminum tuning fork, 341 Hz aluminum tuning fork, 512 Hz aluminum tuning fork, 25 cm extension spring, 1" drilled aluminum ball pendulum, resonance lever and pendulum with spring hanger.

The included software will run on Windows, Mac OS X, iPad, Chromebook, and Android devices, except the Physics of Sound requires either a Windows or Mac OS X computer.