Volumetric Glassware Starter Kit

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470164-046EA 406 CAD
Volumetric Glassware Starter Kit
Labware Sets
The Volumetric Glassware Starter Kit is designed for general laboratory use.

  • Ideal as a Starter Kit or as an Addition
  • Multiple Types of Glassware
  • Designed for General Laboratory Use
Use as an initial labware starter kit or to add onto your inventory.

This kit includes multiple types of glassware to suit many laboratory supply needs

Ordering information: This kit includes 1 burette, 50 mL straight bore, ptfe stopcock; 1 cylinder, double scale, 50 mL; 1 cylinder, double scale, 100 mL; 1 flask, filtering, 500 mL; 1 flask, volumetric with snap cap, 50 mL; 1 flask, volumetric with snap cap, 100 mL; 1 separatory funnel, conical, 500 mL; 6 pipettes, measuring (Mohr type), class b, 0.10 x 10 mL graduations; and 6 pipettes, transfer, volumetric, 25 mL.