Whiteboard Mechanics Kit

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Whiteboard Mechanics Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
The mechanics kit for whiteboard demonstrations includes more than 25 large, colored, and easily distinguished components stored in a case with foam inlay. More than 30 experiments can be set up in rapid time. Large components ensure that experiments can be viewed from a distance. Secure attachment is guaranteed by high-grade AlNiCo magnets, allowing quick and easy configuration of experiments. Measuring units, vector diagrams, and explanations can be provided right next to the experimental configuration on the blackboard.

1 Inclined plane with pulley and angle scale
1 Rolling mass, 500g
1 Lever with 20 holes, 545mm long
1 Pointer for lever, 400mm long
1 Slotted counterweight with knurled screw, approx. 20g
1 Pulley, double, 70mm dia., 40mm dia.
1 Pulley, 70mm dia.
1 Pulley, 40mm dia.
2 Round scale dynamometers, 5 N
3 Magnetic tabs with 8mm axis
3 Springs with hook, k = 6.2 N/m
1 Dual scale on a magnetic foil, 600x180mm²
4 Arrows and one equilateral triangle on a magnetic foil
6 Weights with 2 hooks, 100g each
1 Friction block
1 Set of nylon cords
1 Center-of-gravity plate
1 Plumb
3 Rubber grommets
3 Brass hook
1 Brass clip
1 Storage case
1 Manual

Experiment topics:
Inclined plane
Lever laws
Torques and forces
Forces acting on a lever arm
Force as a vector
Pendulum motion
Physical pendulum
Fixed and movable pulleys
Block and tackle
Hooke’s law
Coupled resonance
Center of gravity