Forensic Drug and Poison Analysis: Chemistry and Toxicology

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Forensic Drug and Poison Analysis: Chemistry and Toxicology
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Trace Evidence Learning Activities
Comprehensive Introduction To Forensic Toxicology

  • Safely use simulated drugs for this detailed analysis
  • All required chemicals are included
In this lab, the student learns the difference between forensic chemistry and forensic toxicology. They gain knowledge in understanding how over-the-counter drugs, controlled drugs, and illegal drugs may act as toxins. Students will have the opportunity to perform presumptive chemical tests on drugs and poisons, identify unknown samples based on chemical test results and examine urine for evidence of heavy metal poisoning using chromatography.

Ordering information: Includes Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Sodium Bicarbonate Antacid, Effervescent Antacid, Unknown #1, Unknown #2, Universal Indicator Solution, Hydrochloric Acid Solution, Ferric Nitrate Solution, Simulated Marijuana, Simulated LSD, Simulated Cocaine, Simulated Scott Reagent, Simulated Van Urk Reagent, Simulated Lead Solution, Simulated Mercury Solution, Unknown Poison,
Simulated Potassium Chromate, Simulated Urine Sample, Alanine Control, Glycine Control Spray Bottle with Ninhydrin, Ethanol, Chromatography Solvent, Universal Indicator Color Charts, Capillary Tubes, Chromatography Sheets,Spot Plates, Scoops, Toothpicks, and Teacher's Guide and Student Copymaster.