VWR® Compact Micro Centrifuges

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2405-PCR 2418-37 2400-37 2405-MICRO-BC 2400-PCR 2405-MICRO 2400-MICRO-BC 2400-MICRO 2405-37
10799-122EA 7599.72 CAD
76019-206 10799-170 76019-208 76019-136 76019-138 76019-204 10799-122 76019-134 10799-174
VWR® Compact Micro Centrifuges
Centrifuges Microcentrifuges
These compact microcentrifuges are ideal for DNA, RNA, and temperature-sensitive samples.

  • Refrigerated Model with Pre-Cool Function Available
  • Robust and Steady Temperature Control
  • High Performance; Ideal for Sample Preparation
  • Short Run-up and Run-down Times
  • Pulse Button for Short Centrifugation Runs
Safety locking lids are equipped for biocontainment.

They are autoclavable and phenol-resistant. Operation noise made by these units is less than 58 dB, which is softer than a normal conversation.

Ordering information: Units come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty that extends the standard manufacturer's two-year warranty for an additional three years. The three-year extension is a full powertrain manufacturer's warranty on the centrifuge only. A comprehensive range of rotor options is available separately.