Neulog Chemistry Bundle

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Education / Teacher / Upper Darby, PA
Yes, I recommend
I teach AP Chemistry at Upper Darby High School. Upper Darby is a large, 4000 students, racially and economically diverse school. I won a Google Grant in 2014 and purchases a bunch of Neulog probes; Temperature Logger, pH probe, Colorimeters, etc. The probes are very easy to use. My students were able to easily master them and use them to efficiently collect data. In my room we connect the probes to old PC's via USB. I have also used the wifi connection, which works great. However, in my classroom not all the students had cell phones and my school does not have up to date computers for wifi use. However, the best part of the Neulog probes is the support that I get from Michelle Cahone at Ward's and Tim Montondo at Neulog. Michelle sold me on the Neulog probes and I couldn't be happier. In fact her service and honesty are so great that I refer to her as "My Ward's rep." Because of Michelle, Ward's is my go to supplier of chemicals and lab equipment. Whenever a teacher has a question or needs supplies, I always point them to Michelle at Ward's. In fact, recently our Genetic's teacher came to me worried about using ether for her flies because she was pregnant. Michelle got back to me quickly with great answers and possible solutions. Tim has been super responsive in handling any issues I had with the probes. My personal teacher laptop is a Mac. Unfortunately the firmware originally wasn't getting along with my Mac well. Tim worked with me to help me install new firmware and update the communication loggers. I have received very fast and accurate support from Tim on multiple occasions. Another time I had a problem with the firmware on my colorimeters. Tim sent me the update, but I just couldn't get it to work. Tim response was to overnight me 8 brand new colorimeters with a return sticker for mine. That type of customer service is priceless. Finally one of my students broke the bulb on a pH probe. I emailed Michelle to see if there was anything we could do. She called tim and my probe is being replaced. WOW! What incredible customer service. A total winning combination. Great product with even better service!
Reply associate Published 06/03/2021
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Neulog Chemistry Bundle
Data Loggers
A set of five NeuLog sensors that are great for use in chemistry classrooms.

  • Collect data in the classroom or remotely
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, and chromebook
  • Free software available for download
  • Connect multiple sensors simultaneously to a single battery or connectivity module
The NeuLog probeware system is a complete data collection platform perfect for classroom use. Data are sent from the sensors to any computer via USB, bluetooth, or WiFi. A rechargeable battery makes remote data collection easy: the sensors will store the data for pre-defined experiments until they are uploaded to a computer later. The free software is powerful and easy to use.

This bundle of sensors supports experiments in chemistry.

Ordering information: Required but not included: NeuLog USB module or NeuLog bluetooth module (which also provide power for the sensors), or a NeuLog WiFi module plus a NeuLog rechargeable battery.

Delivery information: Bundle includes one each of the following sensors: Voltage, wide range temperature, pH, pressure, and conductivity.

Caution: For educational use only.