Kerr Effect

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Kerr Effect
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Understand the Kerr effect like you never have before!

  • Demonstrate the Kerr effect in nitrobenzene solution
  • Measure the light intensity using photo detector
This apparatus is used to demonstrate the Kerr effect in nitrobenzene solution and to measure the light intensity as a function of voltage across the Kerr cell using photo detector.

Salient features:
All connections are made using safety sockets.

Principle and Working:
In the present setup, a small glass container mounted with plate capacitor is filled with liquid. The container is kept between two filters placed at 90°. There will be dark field of view on screen initially but after applying electric field, the field of view brightens, because the light beam becomes elliptically polarized when passed through the birefringent liquid.

Kerr Cell
Polarizer / Analyzer 2
Object screen
Prism table
Optical Bench
Flexible plug lead,1m (red)
Flexible plug lead,1m (black)
Transverse Saddle
Halogen Light Source (for halogen version)
Convex lens in holder(for halogen version)
Monochromatic light filter(for halogen version)
Diode Laser(for laser version)
Photodetector(for laser version)