Elementary Chemical Safety Goggles

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Elementary Chemical Safety Goggles
The smaller size of these goggles make them perfect for younger students.

The goggles measures 5" across and comes with a black, elastic strap for optimum comfort. They're splash-resistant and offer the same degree of protection as adult goggles do.

Certifications: ANSI Z87.1 certified.

Ordering information: The classroom kit includes a see-through plastic storage bin with a goggle insert, one pair of adult indirect vent goggles with a re-sealable plastic bag, a laminated safety goggle sign, disinfectant and cleaning supplies, a labeling package, re-sealable plastic bags to accommodate 30 student goggles, and complete instructions. It also includes five student sets for a class of 30.

Delivery information: Due to the nature of the Teacher Kit, it cannot be shipped by air under any circumstances. Please select ground shipping at time of checkout.