Scout® Balance with Backlit LCD Screen, Ohaus®

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Education / Technicien / Black Lake, Qc
Yes, I recommend
Je suis vraiment satisfait de ce produit, très bien pensé le système de rangement.
Reply associate Published 10/12/2021
We're happy to hear that you are "really satisfied with this product". Thank you for sharing!
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Scout® Balance with Backlit LCD Screen, Ohaus®
Balances and Scales
These Scout balances are the next generation of portable balances for the classroom.

  • Superior Overload Protection
  • Stackable Design for Convenient Storage
  • Bright Backlit LCD and Four-Button Operation
  • Multiple Connectivity Options for Data Logging and Communication
The new Ohaus Scout weighs faster and stores easier, making it the perfect option for science classrooms that require greater versatility, performance, and technological capabilities. Designed specifically for educational weighing applications, the new Ohaus Scout with Backlit LCD offers the same superior overload protection as before with a new, sleek, and stackable design.

The new Scout also has a variety of communication options such as Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, and more. Combined with a simplified four-button operation, the Scout's large backlit display increases readability in dim lighting conditions and makes it easier to view results from across a desk or lab bench.

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Ordering information: Five-year manufacturer's warranty is included with purchase.