ADC® Satin Laryngoscopes

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ADC® Satin Laryngoscopes
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Compatible with all major brands.

  • Standard, fiber-optic and disposable options
  • Includes one year warranty
Available in standard, fiber-optic, or disposable fiber-optic versions, each is compatible with brands complying with ASTM F965 or ISO 7367. Standard and fiber-optic handles are chrome plated brass, and lightly knurled for a secure grip even while wearing wet gloves. The disposable fiber-optic handle is made of ABS with a ribbed grip. Handles and blades are easily sorted, with fiber-optic version all marked with a green band or insert. Reusable blades (standard and fiber-optic) are manufactured with stainless steel, and given a non-glare satin finish.

Accessories information: Fiber-Optic and Standard blades will only work with the same kind of handle. Handles do not include batteries, except for Disposable handles.