Oscillating Reactions: The Traffic Light

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Oscillating Reactions: The Traffic Light
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Mixtures and Solutions Learning Activities
Are chemical reactions reversible?

  • Redox reaction illustrates chemical equilibrium
  • Easy way for students to see chemical reactions taking place
  • Cost and Time Efficient
  • Meets National Science Education Standards for grades 5-12
  • Time Requirement: 30 minutes
Oscillating reactions demonstrate chemical equilibrium. A reversible color change is imparted on the chromosphore indigo carmine. Energy (swirling or shaking) is used to drive the reaction. The prepared solution may be used for up to an hour, at which time, a fresh solution should be prepared.

Ordering information: Materials Included are Glucose, Sodium hydroxide, and Indigo carmine QuickPrep. Materials Needed But Not Included are distilled or deionized water, balance, and erlenmeyer flask, graduated cylinders