Physics II

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470218-660EA 287.7 CAD
Physics II
The latest member of the ‘Fun with Physics’ family. More action, faster speeds, and even larger models! Featuring all new special parts such as 90° curves, cross-overs and jumps with catch funnel, the balls race through tight curves and chutes and shoot through different tracks. Discover new, fascinating conveying techniques. With the new mega model the balls are transported back up by a motor-driven conveying wheel. Then even higher by the innovative stage conveyor, which transports balls one by one all the way to the top in a zig-zag pattern. Once there the balls shoot along their own path downward through the loop, quarterpipe, and jumping loop. More ingenious models such as a launching pad, stair step conveyor, and chain lift make the subject of conveying technology inspiring. An ideal addition to either the Rolling Action or Dynamic construction sets. Set includes multi-language teaching and activity booklet, Mini motor, 2x rainbow LED, 31x track unit, 12x steel ball, 5x 90° curve, cross-over, catch funnel, and battery tray for 9V block (9V battery not included).