Ward's® Specimen Display Sets

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Ward's® Specimen Display Sets
Specimens Rock Specimens Rock Collections
A variety of colorful collections to introduce rocks, minerals and fossils.

  • Introduce rocks, minerals and fossils
  • Mounted on sturdy case
Colorful specimens, ¹/₂ to 1" in size and housed in a clear plastic box perfect for hands-on examination or display, are permanently mounted on a sturdy card stock, with specimen names on the front and background information on the back.

WARD’s useful minerals.

WARD’s common rocks
The set contains samples from each of the three classes of rocks; 21 in all. Size: 7L×3¹/₂W׳/₄" H.
Igneous: basalt, dunite, gray granite, pink granite, obsidian, pumice; Sedimentary: coal, conglomerate, flint, gypsum, ironstone, limestone, sandstone, shale, siltstone; Metamorphic: gneiss, marble, mica schist, quartzite, serpentine, slate.
WARD’s rocks, fossils, minerals, and gemstones of the united states

A true survey set, it contains 21 key specimens from across the U.S. The locality is identified for each. Size: 7L×3¹/₂W׳/₄" H.
Rocks: basalt, coal, granite, gypsum, marble, pumice, sandstone, serpentine, slate; Fossils: brachiopod, crinoid stem, pelecypod; Minerals: copper, garnet, quartz; Gemstones: chysocolla, fluorite, obsidian, rhondonite, rose quartz, turquoise.
WARD’s combination specimen display set
All four rock and mineral display sets for one economical price.