Open Source transmitter probe

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470218-018EA 40.89 CAD
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Open Source transmitter probe
Electrodes Multi-Parameter Electrodes
Boekel Scientific introduces their new open source pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature measurement devices. Conventional bench top probes and transmitters are typically "closed" technology that do not allow user programming or integration of additional equipment. The new Open Source Bio or OSB probes and transmitters work just like conventional probes and transmitters but allow for additional functionality because the equipment is built around the UNO. The UNO is an open source circuit board that allows easy user programming. Ask yourself, "is your probe open?"
Transmitter is capable of single parameter measurement of pH, DO and Conductivity
The transmitter includes high precision temperature probe for temperature compensation
Open source design to allow for user programming and experiment control
Repairable and industrial design to support years of experiments
External I/O connector for connection to pumps or alarms
User friendly probe calibration menus
USB drive data logging
Large color screen
Two year warranty


pH probe

Includes Open Source Transmitter, pH probe and calibration reagents and Temperature Probe. Transmitter will also work with DO and EC probes.
Description Transmitter with pH supplies and Temperature probe
Range pH 0.001 to 14.000
Accuracy pH (+/- 0.02)
Calibration 3 Point

EC probe

Temperature Probe
Includes Open Source Transmitter and Temperature Probe. Transmitter will also work with pH, DO and EC probes.
Description Transmitter with Temperature probe only.