Zebrafish Slides (Danio rerio)

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Zebrafish Slides (Danio rerio)
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Zebrafish are model organisms for vertebrate and genetic research.

  • Identifying features clearly distinguishable
  • Rigorous quality control standards
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) produce many offspring and have a short generation time for long term studies

We offer individual zebrafish slides of:
▪ Zebrafish: The entire fish is visible to the naked eye, but when viewed under a microscope, students can see the wide diversity of cell types found in one animal.
▪ Zebrafish, Hatchling : Typical hatchling, entire specimen.
▪ Zebrafish, Cleavage Stage: Illustrates cleavage stage.
▪ Zebrafish, Embryo: Entire embryo with yolk sac.

Embryos are great models to study vertebrate development because they are mostly transparent and developmental stages are easily visible.