Pyramid Transportable Glove Enclosure, Size XL, Erlab

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10813-222EA 1073.33 CAD
Pyramid Transportable Glove Enclosure, Size XL, Erlab
Glove Boxes and Glove Bags
The Pyramid Transportable Glove Enclosure is designed to protect the user during the collection, transportation, investigation, and storage of samples or evidence. It is a multi-function reusable disposable glove bag made of high-quality transparent PVC.

  • Enclosure base: Flexible PVC, assembled using high-frequency welded seams
  • Closure: Double sealing groove
  • Medical Gloves made of butyl rubber and PVC sleeves, nitrile gloves
  • Valve: Enclosure can be filled with an inert gas (nitrogen)
  • Includes (2) XL size gloves
Assembled in a few seconds, it can be used anywhere, and then stored when not in use. The slanted shape of the enclosure provides an ergonomic working position for the user. Light, mobile, reusable and disposable, it is an ideal protection tool suitable for various requirements in the laboratory or in the field.