Science Take-Out® A Case Of Pesticide Poisoning

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Science Take-Out® A Case Of Pesticide Poisoning
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Students investigate the case of a family poisoned by household pesticides used to treat a bed bug problem.

  • Available as a Single Kit with Material for One Student or Group
  • Unassembled 10 Pack for Additional Savings
  • No Additional Equipment Needed
  • Activities Include Conducting Simulated Blood Tests and Interpreting Pesticide Labels
  • Students Explore Research on Pesticides
The investigation includes conducting simulated blood tests to identify the presence of pesticide metabolites in the family members’ blood and interpreting household pesticide labels to determine safe-use practices.

Students then explore research that suggests pesticides might be harmful to human health and the environment and model how pesticides affect the food chain in an aquatic ecosystem.

Ordering information: This complete experiment setup contains all materials and does not require lab equipment.