Ward’s® Transformation of E.coli: Ampicillin Resistance

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Ward’s® Transformation of E.coli: Ampicillin Resistance
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
What is genetic engineering?

  • Includes pre-poured petri plates
  • Links to real world concepts
  • Estimated class/lab time required: 45 minutes over 2 days
Transformation, a fundamental technique of genetic engineering, involves the induced uptake of foreign DNA by a host cell. Based on the gene(s) encoded by the introduced DNA, transformation may confer a new trait or traits to the host cell. Using a plasmid which carries a gene for antibiotic resistance to ampicillin, students investigate one mechanism of bacterial transformation into wild-type E.coli cells. This lab activity also may be extended into discussions of the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria. The reliable and convenient lab activity that can be performed in one class period without the use of a centrifuge. For your convenience, pre-poured cultured plates are provided with culture material. This activity is similar to the classic AP 6A Lab.

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