Bio-Rad® iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader

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Bio-Rad® iMark™ Microplate Absorbance Reader
Microplate Readers
Economical, High-Performance Unit

Flexible configurations of this reader provide the capability to read flat, U, or V-bottom microplates, as well as 8- or 12-well strip plates. It boasts single or dual wavelength detection and a variable speed plate shaking capability. Superior onboard software provides user log-in, plenty of room for protocols and data storage, and sufficient curve-fit and reporting functions. Additional features include an easy access 8-position filter disk with four standard filters provided, integrated thermal printer, and a USB2 port for external PC control. The reader comes with Microplate Manager® software for powerful, versatile colorimetric and turbidimetric analyses as well as report analysis for raw data, absorbance, limit, matrix, normalization, and curve fit.

Wavelength range: 400–750 nm
OD range: 0–3.5 OD
Accuracy: ±1% at 490 nm
Resolution: 0.001 OD
Dimensions : 34.6 x 37.7 x 16.4 cm