Periodic Table Pen

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Yes, I recommend
It's a cool pen, writes well, great for geek factor. I am not really finding it useful as the print on the periodic table is so tiny. The back does have some useful conversions, laws and constants that are readable. It's a good little pocket guide if you do not need to know the atomic weight/number of an element, and if you are already familiar with the names of the elements. There is something to be said for geek factor, though, That's always really cool.
Reply associate Published 06/01/2021
Thank you for sharing!
470062-122EA 7.5 CAD
Periodic Table Pen
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This pen puts the periodic table in your pocket.

  • Spring loaded reference
  • Double-sided periodic table
  • Miniature reference chart on back side
It holds a double-sided, updated December 2016 Periodic Table. The back side contains a handy miniature reference chart.