Photosynthesis and Respiration Chamber Demonstration

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Photosynthesis and Respiration Chamber Demonstration
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How are Photosynthesis and Respiration Related?

  • Discover the correlation between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels in the chamber
  • Examine how light intensity affects these levels
The photosynthesis/respiration demonstration chamber may be used to monitor oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels, or both in an enclosed environment. The chamber has been designed to be used with a Oxygen logger sensor and/or a Carbon dioxide logger sensor as well as software for data acquisition. As an option, a light sensor may also be used when running photosynthesis experiments to correlate light intensity to changes in carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the chamber.

The lid of the chamber provides openings for both the oxygen sensor and the carbon dioxide sensor. If both sensors will not be used for a particular experiment, place the proper rubber stopper in the opening that will not contain a sensor during the experimental run. You can set up an experiment and record light and dark cycles over a weekend or period of time without even being in the classroom as the sensors will capture all of the information for your student to study. Required: O2, CO2, Light sensors

Materials Included:
Clear glass bottle with cap
Rubber stoppers