Polypropylene Test Tube Rack

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College Professor / Department Chair and Professor / Virginia
Yes, I recommend
Summary: You get what you pay for, Avoid This test-tube rack is the same design and quality as items 470164-054, and 470164-050. I commented on the latter until I realized after scrolling down that I had actually purchased several of these. The rack design is unstable and dangerous. The pieces don't interlock, so the horizontal components have slipped out with the slightest movement of the rack and/or. they rack (become trapezoidal ). Both scenarios have occurred frequently within the first week; not a good thing when there a test-tubes containing microbes. Tried to glue them together with epoxy (which was still less expensive than purchasing a good quality rack) but didn't solve the problem.
BOREAL.com associate Published 06/22/2022
Thank you for your review. We’ve reached out to our vendor and provided them with your feedback. Also, we asked our vendor to provide information on any manufacturing changes and recommended they redesign this product for improved performance. Thank you again.
470124-120EA 15 CAD
Polypropylene Test Tube Rack
Racks Tube Racks
Resists Corrosion from Chemical Spills.

  • Holds up to 12 test tubes
The two–tier design of this durable test tube rack is easy to assemble.