CNC Lathe Training System

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CNC Lathe Training System
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Hands on experience with computer guided machinery.

  • System description
  • G-code and M-code
  • Turning processing
Lathing is the process of applying a machine to cut and shape objects out of raw materials. The raw materials are, in many cases, wood, metal or plastic. This course introduces the students to the CNC lathe. The students are exposed to industrial processes and control. The objectives of the course include teaching the students how to operate the lathe, and how to apply the program instructions in a logical sequence to produce a product. Students also learn about algebraic coordinate systems and their application in technology, the advantages of simulation, the need and the exercising of safety precautions in work. The students will be able to write, test and run their own programs by applying the G-Code set of control commands.

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