Disappearing Rainbow Demonstration

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Disappearing Rainbow Demonstration
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Acids and Bases Learning Activities
Demonstrate the concepts of Indicators and Acids and Bases!

  • Students see reactions in real time
  • Combine colors to create all the colors of the rainbow
Three indicators are used in conjunction with acids and bases to create a rainbow of colors. In a basic solution, phenolphthalein is red, p-nitrophenol is yellow, and thymolphthalein is blue. If done correctly the students only see the acid or base being poured, which adds to the impressive display. There are enough materials to complete the demonstration 7 times.

Ordering information: Materials include Red Indicator, Orange Indicator, Green Indicator, Blue Indicator, Violet Indicator, Hydrochloric Acid 1.0N, Sodium Hydroxide 1.0N, Sodium Hydroxide 6.0M, Instruction Manual. Material Needed but not included: (6) Glass Beakers or Clear Plastic Cups (at least 250mL), Graduated Cylinder, 100mL Distilled or Deionized water. Materials needed but not included are (6) Glass beakers or clear plastic cups (at least 250ml), graduated cylinder, 100ml, distilled or deionized water.

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