Triumph Board Cleaning Pads

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470218-964BX 72.6 CAD
Triumph Board Cleaning Pads
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Triumph Board Pads are lightly moistened microfiber cloths that assure a gentle, effective and safe cleaning of all types of screens and displays.

  • Highest quality, absolute streak- and residue-free cleaning
  • Highest comfort, no drying required
  • Environmentally friendly and safe, pre-moistened with 100% biodegradable solution
  • Skin friendly and non-flammable, no special handling required for usage, transport or storage
For technological reasons, touch panels are primarily operated by touching them and the residues from skin particles often remain on the surface of the device. It is imperative that flat panel displays be cleaned on a continuous basis to restore clear image reproductions, to maintain technical integrity and most importantly to promote good hygiene.

Contaminants, dust, dirt, fingerprint and make-up residue will be completely removed and absorbed into the microfiber cloth, leaving a clean and clear touchscreen.

Flat panel displays will be available for immediate use after cleaning provides a clear and residue-free screen. (Due to the high quality anti-reflective coating on the display, it’s nearly impossible to clean them with traditional cleaning methods, without leaving streaks).