BoneClones® 1:2 Scale Regional Human Skull Sets

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BoneClones® 1:2 Scale Regional Human Skull Sets
Models Human Biology Models
These 1:2 scale casts of 6 human skulls allow for the study of characteristics suggestive of geographical ancestry (African, Asian, and European) and sex.

  • Sized for easy storage
  • Created from scans of full sized skull reproductions
  • Each skull is supplied on its own base
  • Available as a set of six, or in individual sets of 3
This set consists of 3 male and 3 female skulls. Although the concept of ancestry assessment is controversial, certain features of the skull may be of use in differentiating ancestral groups. Some key traits for the analysis of geographical ancestry include eye orbit shape, palate shape, maxillary incisor shape, nasal aperture shape, presence or absence of nasal spine, and shape of nasal sill. Key features for sex assessment include size of mastoid process, robustness of brow ridge, shape of chin, angle of ramus, and shape and contour of forehead.

Compact and affordable, this scale comparative Ancestry Set is an excellent resource for educators teaching K-12, serving to accurately show facial and cranial differences in individuals of differing sex and ancestry. Individual single sex skulls sets are also sold separately. This set is perfect for the space and budget-minded, the amateur anatomist or forensic anthropologist, or simply for the enthusiastic collector. A great gift for your favorite educator or for yourself!

Smaller scale models may appear smaller than one might expect because the volume they occupy, or amount of space they take up, is so far less.