BoneClones® 1:2 Scale Hominid Skull Set

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BoneClones® 1:2 Scale Hominid Skull Set
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Bone Clones® 1:2 scale casts of 4 hominins provides an overview of some the most pivotal discoveries in hominin evolution.

  • Sized for easy storage
  • Created from scans of full sized skull reproductions
  • Each skull is supplied on its own base
These half scale miniatures were created from detailed full scale Bone Clones® casts using 3D scanning technologies, cast in our durable custom resin and hand finished. Included in this set are Ardipithecus ramidus, Australopithecus afarensis "Lucy", Homo ergaster "Turkana Boy" and Homo neanderthalensis Shanidar 1. These specimens represent critical stages of hominin evolution based on their individual skull morphology, where they were discovered in the world and age in the evolutionary timeline.

Available as a set, compact and affordable, these beautifully proportioned and finished scaled down hominid skulls are perfect for the space and budget-minded, the amateur anthropologist, or simply for the enthusiastic collector. A great gift for your favorite educator or for yourself!

Each skull is in 3 parts (separate cranium, jaw, and base). Reduced scale models decrease the overall height, width and depth of the model in the same proportion compared to the original.

Smaller scale models may appear smaller than one might expect because the volume they occupy, or amount of space they take up, is so far less.

Ordering information: A full scale Homo neanderthalensis Shanidar 1 Skull is shown in the image for size comparison only and is not included with the set.