3B Scientific® Spinal Injection Trainer

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3B Scientific® Spinal Injection Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
This epidural and spinal injection trainer is very impressive thanks to its extremely realistic haptic feedback, and the use of high-quality, hard-wearing materials.

  • Easy to clean
Thanks to close cooperation with epidural anesthesia specialists, incomparably realistic conditions could be recreated. The light, compact structure can be used in a wide variety of ways. The device has low operating costs and is intuitive to use, ensuring lasting, high-level performance.

A summary of the device's main functions:
Epidural anesthesia using the loss-of-resistance and the hanging-drop technique
Spinal anesthesia with realistic resistance of the dura and arachnoid mater with or without a cannula
Fluid-filled spinal canal with realistic outflow rate thanks to the ability to adjust the excess pressure
An epidural catheter can be inserted into the epidural space
Closed water system