MaLa Scientific Petriscope Lab Activity

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MaLa Scientific Petriscope Lab Activity
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This lab activity provides educational models and lesson plans to help students grasp concepts in blood-cell biology and diseases.

  • Petriscopes Illustrate Nine Blood Conditions
  • Unique Method for Teaching Hematology
  • Reusable Components
  • Educational Tool for Students or Patients
  • Students Create Their Own Blood-Cell Models
Students often struggle to understand blood-cell biology and the changes in blood cells that lead to leukemia and other disease states. This classroom-tested blood-cell model, which received a US patent, can enable students to grasp information on blood-cell biology, blood diseases, and many types of leukemia.

Using lesson plans and disposable packets provided in each kit, students create their own blood-cell models to see what happens in blood cells to cause disease states. Finally, students learn quantitative blood-cell biology and use disposable kits to key down specific blood-cell diseases. Teachers from high school to medical school can use the novel blood-cell model and disposable kits to help students understand leukemia and other blood diseases.