Ward's Science Essentials® Milky Quartz

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Ward's Science Essentials® Milky Quartz
Specimens Mineral Specimens Gems and Tumbled Stones
Massive white quartz with a moh's hardness 7.

  • Perfect sized specimens for hands on investigations
  • Multiple Pack Offerings to Suit Your Needs
Ward’s Science Essentials
Engage and inspire students to explore in-demand STEM careers with Ward’s Science Essentials. These multi-disciplinary activities kits allow you to easily build STEM concepts into every lesson – with plenty of a-ha moments along the way.

Create real-world scenarios in the classroom, helping students see the role of STEM in everyday life.

Group-driven activities and challenges foster teamwork and build leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Make Connections
Cross-curricular content reveals tangible examples of how science, technology, engineering and math work together to solve problems.