Science First® Health and Harmony Activity Kits

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Science First® Health and Harmony Activity Kits
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
STEM learning combining Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

  • Multidisciplinary activites
  • NGSS aligned curriculum (EX: LS-1, PS2-6, and more)
  • STEM compatible
  • Durable and detailed models
Have you ever wondered how your body is able to respond quickly and appropriately in a myriad of different situations? Have you ever thought about how athletes carefully control their bodies to perform tremendous feats on the court or the field? Or, have you ever contemplated why exams that cause anxiety and fear translate into tell-tale body reactions (e.g., sweating, shaking)? Our body's processing system, the nervous system, is a complex system that relies on many working pieces that integrate with one another. We are going to learn that just like a well-rounded curriculum that incorporates STEM content with language arts in the 21st century, our bodies are intricate machines that help us reach our goal of "EMPOWERING PERFORMANCE"!

Excellent Health and Harmony kits and Superior Health and Harmony kits contain additional models to fill out your curriculum!

The EMPOWERED Kit contains: Conductivity of Water Tester, Wave Model, Spine Model, Brain Model, Arm Model, Teacher Activities and Instructions.

The EXCELLENT Kit contains: all the EMPOWERED Kit PLUS, a Head Model.

The SUPERIOR KIT contains: everything in the EXCELLENT Kit PLUS: a Motor Neuron Model.