Ward's® Simulated Blood

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Ward's® Simulated Blood
The Perfect Size for Refilling Smaller Bottles

  • Easily to Refill Your Dropper Bottles
  • Create Your Own Scenarios
  • Smaller Size Minimizes The Need For Storage
At the request of our customers, we now offer these convenient smaller sized refills for our exclusive Simulated ABO and Rh Blood-Typing Lab Activities. The 60 mL size is the perfect amount to refill a set of the dropper bottles that came with your kit, or create your own scenarios with types only you know.

Instructions for performing blood typing using this product can be found in the teacher's guide and student copy master that accompanied the purchase of the lab activity.

Ordering information: Each blood type is provided in a 60 mL bottle. This product requires Ward's Simulated Antisera, available separately.