Eisco® Basic Circuits Kit

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Eisco® Basic Circuits Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Economical set for teaching the basics of circuits

  • Determine which configurations result in a successful or unsuccessful current path
  • Build a variety of circuit configurations, including basic, series and parallel circuits
  • Create a current path that lights up the miniature light bulb
  • Includes instructions for setting up circuits safely, experiments, discussion topics and activity questions
This hands on learning kit is perfect for introducing students to the basics of electricity. Engaging for students, which allows them to explore and understand which configurations result in a successful or unsuccessful current path- all while having fun building their kits! Each kit includes necessary components for building basic, parallel, and series circuits. Students should be able to determine a path that goes from the negative to the positive side of the battery, and that there should only be one path through the filament of the light bulb. Additional experiments examine the relationships between the circuits & bulbs; how currents behave within a variety of circuit configurations; and what leads to short circuiting. Experiment Guide includes instructions for setting up your circuits safely, activity steps, discussion topics and follow up questions for students.

Ordering information: Comes with a switch, (2) 'C' Batteries w/ Holders, (2) Light Holders, (5) Bulbs, and bulk wire for connecting and a manual.