Power Supply, 5 kV

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PH 1338
470039-718EA 1195.45 CAD
Power Supply, 5 kV
Power Supplies
The E.H.T circuits on this digital power supply are fully floating, enabling the positive and negative terminals to be grounded for certain applications.

  • Output Continuously Variable from 100V to 5kV
  • Unit Displayed on a Zero to 5kV Digital Voltmeter
  • Durable Power Supply
  • Metal Container
The E.H.T. outputs are taken from 4 mm sockets and provide 100V to 5kV at 3mA or current limited to 60mA. A center tapped socket gives ±2.5kV output. An additional pair of 4 mm sockets at 19 mm spacing offer 6.3VAC at 2A for filament supplies.

The power supply is hosed in a metal case and includes an illuminated on/off switch mounted on the rear panel.