BoneClones® Juvenile Human Skulls

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BoneClones® Juvenile Human Skulls
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How does the skull change as we age?

  • Compare multiple ages to show skull development
  • High quality casts of actual specimens
  • Material resists warping and cracking
These skulls show growth and development from 15 months to adolescence. As race and sex can not be reliably determined until adulthood, these skulls are a great way to examine the changes as an individual matures. Each skull has a separate jaw, and show the dentition of the individual at the approximate age. 2 of the skulls have had the dentition exposed (5 Year, and 12 Year) showing the placement of the permeant teeth.

Ordering information: Each skull is shipped with an osteological evaluation report. Skulls with 3 parts include a removable calvarium.