3B Scientific® Wound Care and Bandaging Trainer

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3B Scientific® Wound Care and Bandaging Trainer
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Teach multiple treatments on a single trainer!

  • Practice on 13 different types of wounds
  • Easy to transport and store with an included carrying bag
With the Trainer for wound care and bandaging techniques for trainee nurses and doctors, students learn how to care correctly for their patients’ wounds and can practice a wide range of dressing and bandaging techniques. By training, the subsequent care of real patients can be markedly improved and hygiene standards and protocols can be respected.

The following wounds and drain systems as the result of surgical procedures and injuries are shown realistically on the torso:
Wound after a thyroidectomy, center
Wound after a sternotomy (with drain), center
Wound after a mastectomy (with drain), right
Wound after a spleenectomy (with drain), left
Wound after a thoracotomy (pneumonectomy), right
Wound after a median laparotomy (e.g. cystectomy), center
Wound after an appendectomy, right
Wound after a Pfannenstiel incision (e.g. C-section or abdominal hysterectomy), center
Wound after a laminectomy, center; rear
Wound after a nephrectomy (side incision)
Wound after an amputation (leg stump), left
Decubitus (grade 2), center; rear

The wound care can be carried out using the normal means, so students can practice in conditions as close to reality as possible. Given the flexible structure of the material used, students can practice putting on and changing bandages and dressings in realistic conditions.