TeacherGeek Electromagnet Crane Activity

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TeacherGeek Electromagnet Crane Activity
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials TeacherGeek System Components
This activity is a real "pick me up."

  • Utilize the design and engineering process
  • Encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learn about electromagnetism, magnetic fields, and simple machines
  • Apply the scientific method
  • Innovate (design, build and evolve your own unique Crane design)
Your mission: Design and build a crane that can best sort magnetic materials for recycling. Start by making and experimenting with an electromagnet, then create a crane to move it. Test the crane using the scientific method. Evolve the crane through the engineering design process. How many magnetic items can you sort in two minutes? Compete against other cranes, or challenge yourself in the Super Sort Engineering and Design Challenge.

Use found (recycling bin) materials to enhance your crane design or as sorting material for the Engineering & Design Challenge. Each activity provides plenty of extra parts to try different designs and continue to tinker.

Ordering information: Required but not included are multicutter, reamer, AA batteries, screw driver, pliers, wire stripper, magnetic and non-magnetic materials.