TeacherGeek Sail Car

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TeacherGeek Sail Car
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Harness the clean, green power of wind to move your car.

  • Utilize the Design Engineering Process
  • Encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Learn about push and pull forces, wind, and sail design
  • Apply the scientific method
  • Innovate (design, build and evolve you own unique racer)
Design and engineer a vehicle that is propelled by the wind. This activity is perfect for early elementary. The Sail Car design allows students to quickly and easily experiment with sail shape, angle, and placement.

Engineer a Sail Car that can go the furthest distance, travel the fastest, or carry the most weight. Start by building the car base. Learn about forces and motion by completing the optional Sail Car labs. Then, design and build your own Sail Car to compete in a challenge.

Ordering information: Required but not included are multicutter, reamer, screw driver.