TeacherGeek Small Motor with Leads and Mount

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TeacherGeek Small Motor with Leads and Mount
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Do you have a contraption to power? Here is a simple solution.

  • The motor turns at the perfect speed for most projects
  • Use these for motor powered, cars, boats, scribble bots, and other inventions
This 1.5-3V motor with alligator clip leads that already has a motor mount and adapter pin attached. Also included is a AA single battery holder. Squeeze the alligator clips to attach them to the battery holder terminals. Turn the motor on and off by attaching and detaching the leads. Motor Shaft Diameter: 2.3mm.

Please note: You may need to give the motor shaft a little turn with your fingers, initially, after connecting it to the battery.

Ordering information: Lead colors will vary. Battery not included.