AccuWipe® Delicate Task Wipers

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AccuWipe® Delicate Task Wipers
Wipes Disposable Wipes and Towels Wipes for Delicate Tasks
Soft, non-abrasive, low lint and absorbent, these single-use wipers are ideal for delicate or critical cleaning tasks. Use on lenses, precision parts, and instruments.

  • Anti-static poly-shield minimizes electrostatic discharge
  • Protect against damage to sensitive electronic parts
  • AccuWipe® 1-ply recycled delicate task wipers deliver low-lint, low-contaminant
  • Performance across a variety of industries and diverse applications
These convenient, 'lens', single-ply wipers offer superior conformity, making them ideal for the most delicate tasks. Soft, non-abrasive, pure fiber paper offers greater absorbency and streak-free cleaning for compatibility with many hard polycarbonates and glass surfaces.

For added convenience, these wipers can be dispensed directly from the protective dispenser box, or used in lens cleaning station dispensers.