AquaSprouts® Garden Kit

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AquaSprouts® Garden Kit
Educational Materials Environmental Educational Materials Environmental Learning Activities
Imagine having a living ecosystem to grow, learn, and discover—all in your classroom. The AquaSprouts Garden Kit will convert your existing 10 gallon fish tank into a fully functional aquaponic kit.

  • Fits on your existing, standard 10-gallon tank (not included)
  • LED Grow lights and submergible LED Aquarium lights are available separately
  • Fish and terrestrial plants coexist in the same ecosystem
  • Plants grow in a self-watering clay medium that won't need replenishment
  • Fish maintenance is greatly reduced once your system is established
Our Garden is ideal for demonstrating a variety of concepts in chemistry, biology, and ecology. It’s an especially great tool for keeping kids engaged, a living model ecosystem that they can interact with as they watch the transformation of the energy in fish food into waste, plants, and ultimately herbs and other edible greens.

LED plant grow-light available separately. The 24" light comes with hardware to mount to the system's support-bar, and a 6' power cord.

Submergible LED aquarium light available separately. 7" light with remote control. Choose from 16 different color combinations, and select the fade, smooth or strobe feature.

Ordering information: Garden Kit comes with AquaSprouts Garden, light support-bar, pump, timer, grow media, and a step-by-step guide. A 10-gallon aquarium tank is required but not included.