Sense Maze Kits

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Sense Maze Kits
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Can you program the Sense to make it through?

  • Create real world scenarios
  • Design and redesign the maze for endless permutations
The Maze Runner Kit allows students to work on problem solving by programming the SENSE robot. The built-in sensors of the SENSE can detect the cardboard walls, and based on the programming, either follow the lines or move away from it. Since other Neulog probes can be connected to the SENSE robot, users can add other obstacles to the maze as the students become more advanced. Place in candles and add a Neulog light sensor to have it behave based on the presence of a light source. The possibilities are endless.

Ordering information: The Maze Runner set only contains 10 cardboard pieces that are 30x50cm, and 36 support stands. The cardboard is large enough to cut to specific sizes to create a bigger maze. The Starter Set includes everything from the standard set plus a SENSE Robot and a battery module. The Deluxe Set includes everything needed to get started: 10 cardboard pieces, 36 support stands, SENSE robot, battery, and Wi-Fi module.