Ward's® Essentials Modeling Geo Core Sampling

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Ward's® Essentials Modeling Geo Core Sampling
Educational Materials Earth Science Educational Materials Geology Learning Activities
Explore Relative Age Dating.

  • Mimic real-world geological procedures
  • Investigate careers in the geologic sciences
  • Alilgned with NGSS MS-ESS2-2; MS-ESS3-1
Students are tasked with creating clay geologic models that display stratigraphic layers with embedded “fossils” and “mineral deposits.” During the hands-on building phase of the strata, students are assigned the roles of chief geologist, sedimentologist, paleontologist, and geologic historian. Students trade models with classmates and a core sampling method is applied to investigate the Earth history of the other group’s model. Then, students extend the application of stratigraphy to a larger landscape, using a model of a mountain and valley, where they compare and discuss the variability of core samples. The activities in this kit may be performed in one or two 45-minute class periods.

Ordering information: Kit includes clay, corers, the mountain model, beads, cups, and teacher’s guide.